As a dedicated label printing company we can offer the best quality sandwich labels in addition to a complete range of labelling solutions. We have over 20 years of experience in the food industry and understand it is extremely diverse. We work with an extensive range of businesses in this sector and understand that each have a broad range of applications and packaging methods. We are trusted by numerous food manufacturers to identify the right materials, print and finishing techniques to provide the best service to our customers.

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We work with some of the biggest brands across the UK and Europe in the food industry so we understand how important quality labels are. Labels feature the necessary product information, including ingredients, allergen information, barcodes, best before and sell by dates. Food labelling is arguably the most important part in the sale and marketing of your products, that is why we use the latest printing techniques and technology to produce the most superior quality labels on the market today. We are renowned for providing exceptionally high quality products and solutions at the most cost effective prices, combined with the most efficient service.

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By utilising our unmatched industry knowledge, vast experience, and expertise we can seamlessly transform your labelling ideas into successful marketing opportunities. From inception to fruition.


We use the latest industry technologies and techniques to produce labels of up to and including 10 colours, to make your labels vibrant and eye-catching. We specialise in custom printed labels for the food industry, whether that be helping businesses get off the ground with their very first labels order, or world leading companies that use labels in their millions, we can tailor a solution around your needs.



The Sandwich Labelling Kit

The simple and affordable "Sandwich Labelling Kit" from Etiquette is the perfect solution for Catering and Food Manufacture companies looking for a straightforward, cost-effective system for labelling sandwiches, baps, rolls and other foodstuffs. Featuring industry-leading label printers and delivered straight to your door with everything needed to get your sandwich label printing operation started, these professional packages are available from just £545.00 and are suitable for both low and high volume runs of labels. Also, as part of the Etiquette Network our products benefit from the Technical Support and Customer Service expertise of the UK's leaders in self adhesive labels and labelling. At we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and guarantee our customers that we always supply the right products for their requirements, and at the right prices - it's why we put our name on them!

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